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Founded in 1986 as Tele-Works Inc., TWI is a leading provider of electronic billing, payment, and communication services in North America. We have over 500 customers across the U.S. and Canada.

At TWI, we are pioneers in the way bills get paid. In fact, we’ve taken the various, often complex and costly facets of billing and payments and created a one-stop service: Summation360™.

Our Summation360™ voice, web, and mobile services have revolutionized the way our clients — primarily utility companies — invoice for services, accept payments, communicate with customers, and more. Best of all, TWI handles everything. There is no software or hardware to purchase or IT infrastructure to support.

Quite simply, we have found that agencies are frequently paying more than they need to be without reaching their desired adoption goals for paperless billing and electronic payments. Summation360™ provides agencies with a proven vision and path leading to “paper-free” billing and automated payment handling.


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