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alertworks™ High-Volume Notification System

alertworks™ is a multipurpose, high-volume outbound notification system that allows agencies to communicate with customers quickly and easily. Municipalities, utilities, emergency management offices, court systems, and other organizations use alertworks™ to send all types of notifications by phone, text message, and email. Messages can be tailored to benefit the needs of any organization. On-premise and hosted deployment options ensure alertworks™ is affordable to organizations of all sizes.


  • Emergency Notifications — High-volume call-outs for emergency notices (e.g.-boil water alerts, outage notices, burn bans)
  • Multi-Channel Content Delivery — Deliver outbound notifications by phone, email, and text
  • Customer-tailored Messaging — Messages can be delivered with customer-specific data “merged” into the message
  • Payment Reminder Calls — Payment reminder calls drive customers to action – expect a 50% reduction in delinquencies with a well-executed courtesy notification program.
  • Press “2” to Pay — Payment reminders with convenient “Press-2-to-Pay” allow call recipients to pay directly from an outbound call-out.
  • Text-to-Speech — Create messages using enhanced text-to-speech or recorded voice
  • Call Management and Reporting — Manage call schedule, retry attempts, call capacity and caller ID. Comprehensive call reporting is standard.
  • Advanced Voice Mail Detectionalertworks™ boosts voice mail detection accuracy by more than 90%, far surpassing industry averages of 72%.


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