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Lead Customers Down a Path of Paperless Billing and Payments

Posted May 15, 2012 by John Schott

This article is a compilation of ideas and best practices as described in the white paper: 12 Essentials for Successful Utility E-Billing/E-Payment Programs, published on the Alliance for Innovation website.

Despite significant investment, utilities still aren’t seeing the desired customer participation and savings from their electronic billing and payment initiatives. While the financial and telecommunication industries are seeing paperless billing adoption of well over 30%, utility companies have adoption rates of just 12%. It isn’t enough to invest in paperless billing and payments. Utilities must identify and address several core elements in order to gain greater adoption rates, streamlined operations, and improved cost-efficiencies. Continue reading…

(This article appeared in the Alliance for Innovation’s May 2012 newsletter. Here is the link to the original publication: Lead Customers Down a Path of Paperless Billing and Payments.)

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