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Follow-up to “Beyond Green Messaging” Post

Posted April 18, 2013 by John Schott

To follow-up on Nicole’s blog about the need for utilities to move beyond “go green” messaging so often used with paperless billing programs, it is still important for utilities to use the green leaf imagery on their web sites.

As Nicole said, “green” has become synonymous with “paperless”, and it is what customers have been conditioned to look for when considering a move to ebilling. So regardless of your messaging (environmental, convenience, clutter-free, etc.), the icon of the green leaf still holds great value as a visual cue to website visitors, and even on paper statements, with a call-to-action for going paperless.

go paperless

Also, perceptions about paperless billing are evolving every day. Just about every major billing organization (from Verizon Wireless to Met Life to Direct TV) is touting the benefits of paperless billing to their customers — which are also your customers. Over time, as this messaging continues to resonate, more and more folks will migrate to paperless services.

What does this mean for you? It means that customers who were resistant to paperless billing just a few months earlier may have now embraced it and be looking to go paperless for all of their recurring bills. This presents a tremendous opportunity for utilities to continually move more of their customers to electronic billing and see significant cost savings and streamlined operations. Utilities need to have a strong electronic billing program in place to build on this momentum and take advantage of the growing enthusiasm among their customer base.

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