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Paperless billing is rapidly becoming the option of choice, saving utilities tens of thousands of dollars and enhancing customer service. Summation360’s Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) program delivers an all-in-one utility paperless billing and payment solution designed to improve customer participation in cost saving digital services. Customers can receive email bill reminders, view statements online, manage e-billing settings, check balances and payment history, and make payments by credit card or e-Check.

Summation360™ conveniently provides paper bill print and mail services as well. By combining traditional print and mail services with utility paperless billing initiatives inside a single solution, your technology, processes and policies foster greater support of increased participation in utility paperless billing. No more having to rely on and deal with multiple vendors, and the conflicts that arise.

Summation360™ delivers on the promise of providing a clear path to “paper-free” utility billing processes and a complete digital future.


  • Reduce/eliminate the costs associated with traditional manual bill print and mail processes
  • Reduce call traffic to customer service staff by providing 24/7 customer self-service for billing and payment information
  • Facilitate higher adoption of electronic payments to reduce manual payment processing costs and improve cash flow
  • Further “go green” initiatives


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