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IVR/Interactive Voice Response

Almost half of all calls to customer service are from those inquiring about their balance or making a payment, typically at the last minute. Real-time, interactive voice response (IVR) ensures that these calls are handled on a timely basis with the most up-to-date information. Real-time IVR can facilitate 30-40% of call traffic, so your customer service staff can focus on the more complicated customer issues.

Tele-Works (TWI) delivers best-of-breed “Native VoIP” real-time IVR solutions that make it easy for customers to transact business by telephone. With more than 500 IVR applications in use across North America and both hosted and on-premise deployment options, Tele-Works (TWI) has the products and expertise to rapidly deploy high-quality, real-time IVR at organizations of all sizes.


  • Inbound IVR — Customers can make payments and receive balances, due dates, payment history, etc.
  • Outbound IVR — Automatic outbound payment reminder calls allow customers to pay directly from your outbound call.
  • Real-time — The IVR interacts directly with your customer information systems, so billing and payment information is exchanged in real-time-exactly as if a payment was made at the counter.
  • Multiple Payment Options — Customers can make payments by credit card or check.
  • Proven Quality — Professional voice recordings and proven call flows deliver a satisfying user experience.
  • Secure — TWI’s IVR offers multiple layers of security and is PCI-certified.
  • Multiple Languages — Both English and Spanish language call flows are standard, ensuring that you can reach all of your customers.

TWI’s industry-leading real-time IVR is available under numerous product headings for different industries and market partners:

utilityworks™ Access accounts and pay bills over the phone with utility IVR
buildingworks™ Schedule inspections and hear results — inspectors post results
courtworks™ Hear citation details and pay fines by phone with court IVR — automated notifications for warrant and case changes
alertworks™ Rapid customer notifications by voice, text message, and email
parkingworks™ Pay parking tickets/fees and renew parking passes
licenseworks™ Renew and pay for licenses — business, occupational, animal
taxworks™ Access accounts, pay taxes, and receive reminder notices
housingworks™ Provide applicants, tenants, and landlords real-time phone access to their information such as waiting list position, inspection dates, reexamination appointments and utility and housing assistance (UAP/HAP) payment information
vCARE Provides real-time utility billing IVR to the Northstar Utility CIS system
inCALL Provides real-time utility billing IVR to the inHANCE Utility Systems CIS system
infinity.teleconnect Provides real-time utility billing IVR to the Advanced utility Systems CIS Infinity database.
Continental IVR Provides real-time utility billing IVR to the Continental Utility Systems Inc (CUSI) database system
Springbrook IVR Provides real-time utility billing IVR to the Springbrook Software CIS system
Data West IVR Provides real-time utility billing IVR to the Data West BillMaster database system


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