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Even the most diligent customers can misplace a bill or forget to make a payment. Summation360™ utility customer notification system eliminates such oversights.

Ease customers’ fears and reduce missed payments by sending them important reminder notices at key points during the billing and payment cycle. Summation360™ does that and more. Summation360™ includes the alertworks™ outbound notification system, providing billers with a comprehensive, multi-channel notification capability to communicate with customers quickly and easily with a phone call, text message, and/or email, including high-volume, emergency notifications.

Proactive utility customer notification systems have become the ultimate customer service tool. In fact, automated reminder programs have proven to reduce delinquencies by more than 50% from the very first use. Appreciative customers are satisfied by their positive experience and are more likely to provide accurate contact information as well as try paperless eBilling and other electronic bill pay services, which will drive up adoption of these services.

The Most Accurate Contact Information

Your Summation360™ databases will quickly become the most accurate source of customer contact information for your organization. Summation360™ allows organizations to achieve 80% or greater accurate customer phone numbers including mobile and home numbers as well as email and text message addresses. Your organization will no longer need to depend on ineffective and outdated 3rd party phone number lists that only have landline (i.e., home) numbers.

Emergency Communications

Armed with accurate customer contact information and the powerful alertworks™ outbound notification system, Summation360™ is your best avenue to deliver time-critical emergency notices including boil water notices and weather alerts. Alertworks™ is in use by hundreds of utilities and municipalities nationwide and allows agencies to make tens of thousands of outbound calls in minutes. High-volume call-outs, text messages, and emails have proven to be highly effective in the delivery of time critical information to households.


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