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IVR for Utilities

utilityworks™ — Hosted and On-Premise IVR for Utilities

It’s 10 PM. Are you still serving your customers?

Utilityworks interactive voice response provides your customers with convenient self-service options through their touch-tone phone. Customers can access their account information for balance inquiries or to make payments. Also multiple language options are available, allowing you to provide automated account access for all your customers.

Automated Courtesy Calls

Utilityworks helps to streamline revenue collection, and with our notification feature you can make proactive past-due reminder call-outs to delinquent accounts. This final reminder gives customers an option to pay prior to having their service disconnected, and customers even have the option to “press 2” to enter the utility IVR system and make a payment while on the call. Reminders will help customers avoid embarrassing and costly disconnects; and fewer disconnects, mean fewer truck roll-outs and lower costs for your department.

Real-time Payments

Customer self-service only works if users are able to access their account information and make payments in real time. Utilityworks™ ties directly to your utility database/CIS system, so phone and web payments are posted immediately—with no batch processes and no manual steps.

Urgent Notifications

Utilities have a responsibility to notify their customers of urgent situations: water contamination, service interruptions, or downed power lines. Tele-Works outbound notifications will allow you to notify your customers in a timely manner. Even emergency notices can be delivered to thousands of phone numbers and emails simultaneously.


  • 24/7 self-service by phone or web
  • Account balance & payment history inquiries
  • Online payments by credit card or eCheck
  • Automated courtesy reminders of overdue bills with convenient Press-2-to-Pay option
  • Outbound calls for other time-critical notices (e.g., boil alert or service interruption)
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Hosted or on-site utility IVR supported
  • Native VoIP utility IVR is modern and scalable


  • Ensures customers are informed and satisfied with proactive outbound notifications
  • Reduce past due accounts and shutoffs by 30-70%
  • Handle more questions, take more payments, reach out to more customers – without adding staff
  • See a full return-on-investment in less than 6 months!


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