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Small Utility Looks to the ‘Cloud’

Posted December 1, 2011 by Nicole Haskins

Manville Water Supply Corp. (WSC) in central Texas is not unlike many small and rural utilities: Providing water service for 7,600 customers spread out over a wide service area, the customer service staff found it challenging to keep up with high call demand. There were continual requests for account balance and transaction history, and customer service representatives had to process credit card payments manually over the phone, creating both time and security issues.

In the poor economic climate, delinquencies were on the rise, leading to an increased workload for service workers who had to shut off a larger number of customers for nonpayment. With long drive times between service addresses, the cost of shut-offs can prove to be substantial. Manville WSC was searching for ways to cut down on manual processes and reduce its overall costs.

An automated phone system, or interactive voice response (IVR), had been on the group’s wish list for years, but it could never justify the high upfront expense of traditional onsite equipment. Fortunately, new “cloud”-based technologies have emerged on the market, effectively changing the total-cost-of-ownership equation. Continue reading…

(This article is republished from the November 2011 issue of Water and Wastes Digest. Here is a link to the original publication: Small Utility Looks to the ‘Cloud’)

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  1. Joyce Smith says:

    looking for cloud base small utility such as the the 360

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